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Branding Programs

We have THREE WAYS we can help get your brand & website dialed in so you can get noticed and hired.

1. Brand Clarity Workshop

“I don’t know what we need. I just know we need it!”

The Brand Clarity Workshop is a starting point for businesses that need help identifying the most impactful branding and marketing opportunities. Create a strategy, set goals, and prioritize the order and importance of things to be done.

Here is what we are going to cover: 

  • Strategy session(s) to map out where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go to ensure we are solving the most important problems.
  • Review your customized Brand Clarity Plan.
  • Discuss how we can help support you moving forward. You can impliment this plan on your own or hire use to take care of it for you.

2. The Cleanup

“I’m looking to upgrade and tweak a few things.”

The Cleanup is for businesses with a website and brand that needs some work, but it’s not a teardown-and-start-over kind of situation.

This program is perfect for smaller projects like a simple and small website redesign or cleaning up your sales messaging to be more clear and more consistent.

We will be doing things like: 

  • Strategy session(s) to map out a plan to solve the right problems.
  • Write what needs to be written.
  • Design and build what needs to be built to support your sales team.

2. The Overhaul

“We need to strip it down to the studs and start over with our website and branding.”

The Overhaul is for businesses that have grown a lot over the years, everything is outdated, and nothing fits who you are today.

We’re going deeper and doing a lot more than The Cleanup. The Overhaul is a full rebrand that will align your business from the inside out.

When we are done you will have:

  • A brand strategy and solid brand foundation for your company.
  • Core positioning, differentiation, and messaging for your ideal market and customer base.
  • Update your logo, color palette, and fonts
  • A new website to get you noticed and hired.

3. Branding Beyond the Website

“Now that our website is in good shape, what’s next?”

Branding Beyond the Website is an ongoing program for businesses wanting to get all their marketing assets and sales collateral looking and sounding as good as the new website. This is where we build strategies to support your sales goals and help you continually improve at a pace that works for you and your budget.

Within the program, we can work on things like:

  • Content marketing plan and blog development
  • Setup and/or cleanup social and business profiles
  • Presentation deck content, and template design
  • RFP / Proposal template design
  • Keep your website and project portfolio up to date
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization onsite and off
  • Brochure, datasheet, and case study design
  • Email marketing campaigns to leverage blog content
  • Landing page design & development
  • Tradeshow booth design
  • Client onboarding / off-boarding materials
  • Merger and acquisition strategy and onboarding
  • Create a custom marketing mix to drive leads to your sales team
  • Added bonus, we're damned good at business and marketing strategy

As mentioned above, this is an ongoing program with a minimum of a 3-month engagement. We work in sprints, starting with a strategy call to lay out the list of projects.

Need a fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

Some clients use this program to fill the marketing role within their business. This is an excellent solution for firms that can't justify a full-time marketing seat but still need on-going help.

Depending on the scope, we meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to keep the strategy focused and the momentum going.

Let’s solve real business problems and build what you need to get seen and hired.

Not sure what you need?

Let’s get on a call, figure it out your next step.

bring clarity to your brand

“The safest thing you can do is take a risk.
The riskiest thing you can do is to remain comfortable.”

 — Seth Godin

( Your competitors want you to stay comfortable )