We Believe Being Bland
is a Sales Killer

B2B does not mean Boring to Boring!

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Who We Are

We’re brand advisors, strategists, designers, and writers who have been in the industry for over two decades and we are tired of seeing fantastic firms struggle, blend in, and waste money on marketing tactics that fall flat. We believe if your website sucks, you are losing money. If your sales team doesn't have the branded support they need, you are losing money. 

We are here to help business owners get their brand and their website dialed in so that it gets you noticed and hired.

What Does Branding & Beyond Do

What We Do


We help companies that are amazing at what they do, but not so amazing at developing and managing their own brand. Our main job is to find out why clients give you repeat and referral business, take those insights, wrap them in words and visuals so prospects can see and feel you are the one they've been searching for forever.

Our goal is to solve real business problems in messaging, positioning, online presence, and marketing.... not just make pretty websites.

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Why We Do It

We believe that businesses that do damned good work deserve to have a brand that fits their level of expertise. They should never be embarrassed or undermined by their own website. We love the trades. We love people who create and build things that help others build things. We want you all to thrive, and we can help remove the trip hazards in your way. 

Your team should feel supported by your brand. Not hamstrung by outdated materials. We have a proven process to find the kick-ass brand that lives within your business.

“Having consistent repeat and referral business IS evidence you have something worth branding.”

— Tracy O’Shaughnessy

Are you a business owner who wants:

  • To not be embarrassed by your website
  • Get the “website redesign” off your todo list
  • Get a website that generates leads
  • Finally show up in Google searches
  • Provide your sales team with the tools that don’t suck
  • Go beyond existing customers and attract new prospects
Tracy O'Shaughnessy - Brand Strategist

Tracy O’Shaughnessy Founder / Lead Brand Strategist at Branding & Beyond

I’m a brand advisor who helps business owners provide their team with the tools they need to win by first, aligning the business goals and brand strategy to create a plan before jumping into tactics. 

Firms that do great work deserve to have a robust and trustworthy brand with a distinct visual identity, messaging that differentiates and positions them, and a credibility-boosting website that gets them noticed and hired. 

I believe that every CEO should provide their sales team with a strategy and sales tools that don’t suck. Salespeople are out there busting their ass trying to bring in business only to have their credibility undermined by the website or poor quality and outdated materials.

I get it. You’re busy. 

My team and I love digging in to find out what makes you relevant and valuable to your audience. What keeps clients coming back and willing to refer you to others.

Honestly, aligning your brand this way is hard to accomplish from the inside. We have a very collaborative process to find your brand essence, define it, and make it look great; all you have to do is be willing to start and open to change.

But I digress, back to the bio.

I’ve been in the industry since the early ’90s and have rebranded and positioned hundreds of companies over the years. The thing that motivates me is that I’m sick and tired of great companies being treated as commodities and competing on price because they don’t look and sound as credible as they actually are. Amazing on the inside, but looking outdated from the outside. We were built to fix this problem and I love the building trades and want to support all of you who work in it.

You can find me on Linkedin, and at (512) 670-7770.

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Our Core Values

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Strategy First

Not sometimes, always.
No more random acts of marketing that aren’t tied to business goals.

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Lead with Empathy

We’ve been where you are, but we are still going to call you on your shit. Full of compassion, yet blunt.

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Align What Matters

Put your best foot forward by being clear, consistent, and looking credible online and off.

icon You have to give-a-damn

of Give-a-Damn

Not sometimes, always.

icon align your team

Infuse Everything with Clarity

No more jargon-filled crap.

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No more set it and forget it.

If your message is confusing, you’re losing business.
If your website sucks, you’re losing business.

It’s that simple.


This is Your Structure for Success

Sales and marketing are where you spend a lot of time and money. The problems found here are usually symptoms of issues and weakness in the layers below. Trying a new marketing tactic is not going to help.

Your website is often the only thing a prospect sees before deciding to contact you or not. It also plays a critical role in supporting your sales and marketing efforts. 

Your brand is the foundation that supports everything you do from sales to recruiting and retention. This is where you engineer the return on your investment in the sales and marketing layer. The importance of this foundation structure is often overlooked. 

  1. Build it strong.
  2. Build it sustainably.
  3. Make it clear & compelling.
  4. Don't set-it-and-forget-it ever again.