We Believe
Being Bland is a Brand Killer

B2B does not mean Boring to Business!

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Who We Are

We’re brand advisors, strategists, designers and writers who are tired of websites full of meaningless content and seeing fantastic firms struggle, blend in, and waste money on marketing tactics that fall flat.

We are here to help business owners support their team with brand strategy and assets that don’t suck.

What Does Branding & Beyond Do

What We Do

We help professional services firms support their sales teams with the marketing tools they need to thrive.

We rebrand websites and businesses to realign them with their customers.

Our goal is to solve real business problems in positioning, branding, web presence and marketing.... not just make pretty websites.

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Why We Do It

Firms that do damned good work deserve to have a brand that fits their level of expertise. And not be embarrassed or undermined by the company website.

They deserve to have a brand that fuels their credibility and supports their marketing and sales team. 

Your team should feel supported and not hamstrung.

If you are trying to be everything to everyone, you’re nothing special to anyone.

Harsh, I know, but being everything to everyone makes you water-down your message, causing you to blend in, and not be distinctive. You become a commodity and that is a race to the bottom.

Seriously, stop it.

tracy oshaughnessy - brand strategist

Tracy O’Shaughnessy Founder / Lead Brand Strategist at Branding & Beyond

I’m a brand advisor who helps executives in the B2B construction industry provide their team with the tools they need to win by first, aligning the business goals and brand strategy. 

Firms that do great work deserve to have a robust and trustworthy brand with a distinct visual identity, messaging that differentiates and positions the firm, and a credibility boosting website. 

I believe that every CEO should provide their sales team with tools that don’t suck. Your team is out there busting their ass trying to bring in business only to be undermined by the website or poor quality and outdated materials.

I get it. You’re busy. 

My team and I love digging in to find out what makes you relevant and valuable to your audience. What keeps clients coming back and willing to refer you to others.

Honestly, aligning your brand is hard to evaluate from the inside. We have a very collaborative process to find your brand essence, define it, and make it look great; all you have to do is be willing to start and open to change.

But I digress, back to the bio.

I’ve been in the industry since the early ’90s, and I’m sick and tired of great companies being treated as commodities and competing on price because they don’t look and sound as credible as they actually are.

You can find me on Linkedin, at (512) 670-7770.

Need help aligning your business and creating a brand strategy?

What it's known for.
How it looks and feels.
What it says and sounds like. 
Where are you going to play, and how are you going to win.

Our Core Values

icon - strategy first

Strategy First

Not sometimes, always.
No more random acts of marketing that aren’t tied to business goals.

icon - lead with empathy

Lead with Empathy

Compassionately-blunt & judgment-free. We will call you on your shit but we are nice about it!

icon - align your goals

Align What Matters

Put your best foot forward by being clear, consistent, and looking credible online and off.

icon You have to give-a-damn

of Give-a-Damn

Not sometimes, always.

icon align your team

Infuse Everything with Clarity

No more jargon-filled crap.

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No more set it and forget it.

You deserve to look & sound like
the badass firm you are.

HireFactors - Brand Identity
CFS Commercial Services Logo Design
Intertech Commercial Flooring Logo Design
MilSpec Works - Brand Identity
APEX Surface Care banner design
Taylor Iron Machine Works Metal Fabrication Brand Identity

“They are the perfect blend of strategy, bluntness, creativity, and give-a-damn.”

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