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what is rebranding

What Is a Rebrand?

The terms brand, branding, and rebranding are thrown around a lot these days and the concepts can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. If you are feeling this, you're not alone! Learn what is a rebrand and what you need to know before attempting a rebrand There is a lot of jargon out there that…

align your brand

What Is Brand Alignment & Do I Need an Aligned Brand?

If we compared the messages on your website to your ad campaigns, brochures, social posts – and what your sales team is saying in the field – would it be cohesive? Is there brand alignment, or is it all disjointed? If your brand is outdated, confusing, or a jumbled hot mess… keep reading. The speed…

work on your brand - have boundaries you will

What Does Yoda Have to Do With Protecting Your Ass(ets) and Aligning Your Brand?

You have insurance for the hard assets, but what about your soft assets? Your employees, your loyal client base, your culture, your family, and most importantly your personal give-a-damn? Protect your assets you will. You may be asking: But how can investing in my brand protect all of these people? Before we get to that,…

can a rebrand save my business

Can Rebranding Save a Business?

Rebranding done for the wrong reason can be an expensive nightmare, a cosmetic exercise that’s equivalent to putting a Band-Aid on your knee when you have a broken leg. Rebranding is adapting and evolving. Every company will eventually rebrand, sooner or later, and sometimes multiple times over the company’s lifetime. Rebranding is a healthy realignment…


Being Meaningfully Different Is Better Than Just Being ‘Better’

If you’re the best at what you do, then you’re guaranteed to pull ahead of the game and win every time. You’re on top, because nobody does your job better than you and because you’re better, everybody will want to buy your product or hire your crew. Right? Not exactly. If you want to build…

two superhero kids running marketing and branding

How Are Marketing and Branding Different?

I was having a coffee date with a girlfriend who works for one of the biggest general contracting companies in the city and she came out with this show-stopper: “I think our CEO will have a hard time seeing the value of branding – they see marketing as a cost center, not a driver of…


Why Are Prospects Not Understanding How Awesome You Are?

Do you feel like your prospects just don't get you? Do they not see the value your company provides, no matter how many times you say it? If they did, they would be beating down your door to hire you – but they aren’t. Is your message wrong? Don’t worry. You're not alone. This is…

slippery slope ahead

The Hidden Danger of Relying on Repeat and Referral Business

Referral leads are the easiest to close because they come preloaded with trust from the referrer. We all love referral business and want more. However, there are a few hidden dangers when it comes to relying solely on referrals to carry your business long-term. Not knowing, or not being aware of these dangers, can impact…

If your company is blending in you might become an accidental commodity!

Are Branding Issues Causing Your Company to Be Invisible?

You know your company does amazing work. So why aren’t you dominating your market with amazing sales figures? You have great referrals and repeat customers but new prospects aren’t knocking on your door. But are you stuck in the low bid nightmare of RFPs? Do you struggle to attract new employees? But, deep down you know…

branding truths

7 Branding Truths to Save Your Business

Figuring out your brand can be daunting. It can be scary to look at your business – and I mean REALLY look at it. If you're not sure if you're heading down the right road, some universal branding truths will help steer you in the right direction. Don't worry, Branding & Beyond's got you! Branding…


How Do You Know if You Have a Marketing Problem or a Business Problem?

Has business gone quiet? Leads gone cold? Are you sick of seeing prospects hire your competitors instead of you? Time to start pumping money into a marketing campaign, right? It'll attract more people to your business, and they'll hire you no problem! Well, maybe. If people don't know your company exists, then yes, promoting your…

Is Your Website a Trip Hazard for Prospects?

Is Your Website a Trip Hazard?

Is your website undermining your sales team? A solid sales and marketing strategy should include these three major things that lead clients or prospects to enter your smoothly paved path to a sale. Increasing account penetration with existing clients Having a reliable referral engine Acquiring the attention of new prospects You can find article after…