super-secret sexy sales weapon

The Super-Secret Sexy Sales Weapon You’re Overlooking

What if I told you there’s a super-effective sales weapon that already exists in your company – and once you use it right, it will make everything easier in your business?

Sound like click-bait? Too good to be true?

It’s not.

Seriously, you have a super-secret sexy sales weapon just waiting to be uncovered in your company, and, when you use it:

  • Your sales team will be taken seriously
  • Your value will be easy to understand
  • You’ll have a solid competitive advantage
  • Your sales cycles will be shorter
  • Your sales team will feel supported
  • You’ll look and sound amazing
  • You’ll be easier to refer
  • You’ll get more sales

So, what is it?

Your brand. 

Okay, okay, you may be thinking, ‘how the hell can my brand make me more sales?’ Well, dear business owner, read on and find out – because I guarantee that what you’re about to read will change your business.

Doing good work and having a great team just isn't enough anymore – but you kinda already knew that, didn’t you?

You're reading this because you know you need something to stand out from the competition – your work is too good to compete based on rock-bottom prices.

You want to be known as the company to go to when you want a job done right.

So, how can you differentiate yourself – and make more sales as a result?

Your brand. A fully-aligned brand that is.

Now, if you read that and thought, how the hell is a logo going to do that? – your brand is more than your logo.

Here's a quick definition of what a brand is:

A brand is the definition people hold in their minds about your company and the products/services it offers. It’s a collection of emotions, senses, and memories. Their idea of who you are and what you do are filed away for future use.

Now, branding is another thing:

Branding is the intentional and strategic shaping of what people think and experience with your company’s products and services. It is the action of strategically applying your brand personality to everything you do.

With those two commonly misunderstood terms under your belt – let’s move onto the meat of this piece.

How the hell can you use those two intangible things up there 👆👆 to make more sales?

The 3C’s. 

What’s the big deal about the 3C’s of branding? Most firms don’t have the 3C's dialed in, and they end up struggling as a result. When you have the 3C’s figured out and implemented, you have a significant advantage over those firms that don’t.

3 Cs of branding - Clarity Credibillity Consistency

What are the 3 C’s of branding?

Okay, let’s take a proper deep dive into each of these – and how they help you get what you want.


Having clarity on what your company does, who it does it for, and what it stands for is important for any future success.

When your company (and team) clearly understands what its goals are, it can work towards achieving them.

The more clarity you have, the easier your customer-facing employees will have it too. They’ll be able to express your brand message easily, and they'll know how to engage with customers in a way that truly represents your company. And that results in happy clients that just keep coming back for more.

When you have true clarity in your business, it also helps you to weed out any clients that might not work well with you – you are not for everyone. You have clients you’re meant to work with, and some – not so much.

If you clearly show what you stand for and what you do, prospects will know you’re the right choice for their needs – or they’ll realize that they might not be the right fit for you and save you a headache by going elsewhere.

Having absolute clarity over what you stand for and what you care about as a company will help you hold onto clients long-term. People buy from brands they like, trust, and believe in.


One of the keys to being taken seriously as a business is to have consistency everywhere. From how your team answers the phone to your website, social media pages, blogs, and even your email signature.

Providing a consistent customer experience will help build trust between you and your customers. When customers expect a certain experience from your company, it’s jarring and confusing when they receive anything other than that expectation.

The more consistent you are, the more your audience will get used to you – and you’ll be the first place they go to when they need the service you provide.


Simply put, if you don’t look credible, you won’t close sales.

To gain the trust of prospects, you need to look, act, and sound credible –  you’re the expert in your niche. You’re the best at what you do. You’re the only choice – hiring anyone else is settling for second best.

Your clients need to see you’re credible. They want to know that what they’re getting from you is the best of the best and nothing less.

Show your audience that you’re the authority within your space and a master in your field. By having credibility on your side, clients will only want to work with you, and competitors won’t get a look-in.

When you have those three things dialed in, well you unlock The Ultimate Unexpected Sales Formula:

  1. Saying the right thing.
  2. Saying it everywhere consistently.
  3. Looking the part.

Sounds easy, but it’s not.

The 3C’s affect how your prospects see you

To harness the power of the 3C’s and unleash the true sales weapon hidden in your business, you need to implement all 3. They work in harmony with each other, and if your business doesn’t have all 3, well, the benefits are limited.

No Clarity = The Babbler

Looking credible and consistent

Without clarity, your audience will see you as a babbler. Somebody who is consistent and credible, but your message isn’t clear. You might talk a lot, but what you’ve got to say isn’t important.

With clarity on who you are, who you serve, and what you do, you can easily take on clients that aren’t a good fit for your business. This wastes a lot of time and energy for anyone dealing with them. By being clear in your messaging, you attract the people you’re meant to serve and filter out the bad/unsuitable leads before they waste your sales team’s time.

No Consistency = The Flake

Having clear words and looking credible

Without consistency, you’ll be seen as nothing more than a flake. You’re clear about your message, and everything about you is credible, but you don’t have a consistent structure to your business.

Essentially, you’re unreliable. And no one likes doing business with someone that’s unreliable.

This can cause your prospects to be interested one second and then uninterested the next – if you find prospects going hot and cold on you, it might be down to your own inconsistency in how you treat them.

Consistency is key to making your clients stay around for longer.

Without Credibility = The Risky Bet

Having clear words and being consistent

Without credibility, you’re seen as a risky bet in the eyes of your audience.

You may have consistent branding, and your message is clear, but you just seem a bit off.

You might not be showing your great track record off the right way, so prospects can’t figure out if you’re worth their time.

If you’re not seen as an expert in your niche and as an authority figure in your space, prospects aren’t going to work with you. Instead, they're going to work with your competitors who clearly display their credibility for the client to check out.

The 3C’s work together to help your sales team and your marketing efforts. Without one of them, the whole thing becomes unstable and unreliable. 

With the 3C’s on your side, you’ll have a complete competitive advantage, shorter sales cycles, and a sales team that has the whole company to back them up.

You’ll also be incredibly easy to refer, thanks to your clarity, consistency, and credibility, making it easy for referring partners to tell others what you do and why you’re the best at it.

Basically, with the 3C’s on your side, you’ll be unstoppable:

  • Your sales team will be taken seriously
  • Your value will be easy to understand
  • You’ll have a solid competitive advantage
  • Your sales cycles will be shorter
  • Your sales team will feel supported
  • You’ll look and sound amazing
  • You’ll be easier to refer
  • You’ll get more sales

Here at Branding & Beyond, we put strategy-first to help companies like you look and sound credible online. We help you develop a creative branding solution revolving around the 3C’s that is not only consistent but is clear and credible.

We help companies evolve and thrive within their niche. Get in touch with us today if you want to revitalize your brand, realign your messaging, and refresh your visual identity.

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You have good products and services… so does everyone else.

You’ve been in the industry for a long time… so have many others.

You have a great team… yep, so do most firms.

Find out how to stand out and get noticed.

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