Outgrown your brand? Have a brand wedgie?

Do You Have a Brand Wedgie?

Do You Have a Brand Wedgie? 1

I would like to thank the wonderful Karen Adamsbaum, CIC for having me on her podcast Risk Intelligence.

What's riskier than ignoring your website for years and walking around with a brand wedgie?

I believe that every CEO should provide their biz dev/sales team with tools that don’t suck. Your team is out there busting their ass trying to bring in business only to be undermined by the outdated website.

Firms that do great work deserve to have a robust and trustworthy brand with a distinct visual identity, messaging that differentiates and positions the firm, and a credibility boosting website that gets you noticed and hired.


Do You Have a Brand Wedgie? 2


PS – If you need new coverage or need to evaluate if you are properly covered with insurance, Karen is the BOMB! 💥


Tracy O’Shaughnessy Founder / Lead Brand Strategist of Branding & Beyond

Tracy and her team help B2B firms in the construction industry and professional services look and sound credible online and off.

She has been in the industry since the early '90s and is tired of great companies being treated as commodities and competing on price because they don't look and sound as credible as they really are.

You can find Tracy on Linkedin and here on this blog.