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How to Maintain Your Company’s Standards During COVID-19

You’re probably sick of reading all-things-COVID-19. I get it. It’s been months of non-stop news updates and social media shares. But, it’s still affecting business. It’s affecting clients, income, profits, and…

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how to brand company linkedin profile

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers and head hunters.  Think LinkedIn is just another job board? Hold onto your hat, boy, because have I got news for you. LinkedIn is…

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build your personal construction brand

The Power of Personal Branding

I’ve been helping frustrated firms in the construction industry look and sound as credible online as they are offline since the ‘90s, and it’s safe to say our industry’s seen…

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Being Meaningfully Different Is Better Than Just Being ‘Better’

If you’re the best at what you do, then you’re guaranteed to pull ahead of the game and win every time. You’re on top, because nobody does your job better…

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Are You Asking for the Help That You Really Need? 1

Are You Asking for the Help That You Really Need?

Have you ever had a task, like moving a big box that you knew was a bit much, and you should ask for help, but something deep down said, “you…

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Which Is More Important, Marketing or Branding? 2

Which Is More Important, Marketing or Branding?

We’ve already covered the difference between marketing and branding before, but a little refresher won’t do any harm: What is marketing? Marketing is the overall strategy and act of promoting…

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How Do You Know if You Have a Marketing Problem or a Business Problem? 3

How Do You Know if You Have a Marketing Problem or a Business Problem?

Has business gone quiet? Leads gone cold? Are you sick of seeing prospects hire your competitors instead of you? Time to start pumping money into a marketing campaign, right? It’ll…

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My Sources Are Telling Me I Need a New Website

Why a pretty new website won’t solve your problems Your competitors are doing really well right now. They’re beating you in sales, they have more customers, and, oh yeah, their…

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Know When It’s Time to Tell a Troublesome Client Goodbye

Establishing boundaries and learning how to fire a client gracefully are healthy skills to attain. Every opportunity comes with a cost. Some opportunities cost too damned much by taking an…

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Is your website invisible to Google

Devastating SEO Issues That Cause Your Website to Be Invisible to Google

Your website has two main audiences: search engines and your target market(s). At our core, we are problem solvers. When friends, colleagues, and clients run into problems with their website…

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