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lady with megaphone referrals

How to Get More Referrals

I am an evangelist type of personality (bringing the good news). If I like something, I want to let others know about this fantastic product…

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upgrade your brand assets - blog image

Is It Time to Level Up Your Business?

 Let’s be honest, pandemics suck. So many jobs lost and businesses devastated as the ramifications of closing our country cascades through every industry. Hopefully,…

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build your personal construction brand

The Power of Personal Branding

I've been helping frustrated firms in the construction industry look and sound as credible online as they are offline since the ‘90s, and it’s safe…

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Being Meaningfully Different Is Better Than Just Being ‘Better’

If you’re the best at what you do, then you’re guaranteed to pull ahead of the game and win every time. You’re on top, because…

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Are You Asking for the Help That You Really Need? 1

Are You Asking for the Help That You Really Need?

Have you ever had a task, like moving a big box that you knew was a bit much, and you should ask for help, but…

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Which Is More Important, Marketing or Branding? 2

Which Is More Important, Marketing or Branding?

We’ve already covered the difference between marketing and branding before, but a little refresher won’t do any harm: What is marketing? Marketing is the overall…

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Does Your Company Stand Out on the Shelf?

When you’re looking at your own brand, it can help to take a step back and look at it from another angle. When I run…

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How Do You Know if You Have a Marketing Problem or a Business Problem? 3

How Do You Know if You Have a Marketing Problem or a Business Problem?

Has business gone quiet? Leads gone cold? Are you sick of seeing prospects hire your competitors instead of you? Time to start pumping money into…

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What Is a Communication Strategy & Do I Need One?

Do you feel like your customers just don't get you? You're not alone. It comes down to that old cliché of miscommunication (duh, right?). Ok that might sound obvious, but hang in there & we'll show you how to connect with your audience.

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need-a-new-website-bab (blog header)

My Sources Are Telling Me I Need a New Website

Why a pretty new website won’t solve your problems Your competitors are doing really well right now. They’re beating you in sales, they have more…

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Is your website invisible to Google

Devastating SEO Issues That Cause Your Website to Be Invisible to Google

Your website has two main audiences: search engines and your target market(s). At our core, we are problem solvers. When friends, colleagues, and clients run…

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Why Are Prospects Not Understanding How Awesome You Are?

Do you feel like your prospects just don't get you? Do they not see the value your company provides, no matter how many times you…

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throwing money in the wind on marketing

Stop Throwing Good Money Away on Random Acts of Marketing

Are you pumping your hard-earned cash into digital marketing but not seeing your bottom line increase? Advertising online is a great way of gaining exposure…

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two superhero kids running marketing and branding

How Are Marketing and Branding Different?

I was having a coffee date with a girlfriend who works for one of the biggest general contracting companies in the city and she came…

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person running away from a messed up website

The 7 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

If you’re here, there’s a high likelihood your site is not doing so great and it may be time for a website redesign. Are you…

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Do You Have an Authentic Brand Inside & Out? 7

Do You Have an Authentic Brand Inside & Out?

Brand management is essential. The expectation you set (brand promise) needs to be authentic and align with the customer’s actual experience. Let’s take a quick…

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work on your brand - have boundaries you will

What Does Yoda Have to Do With Protecting Your Ass(ets) and Aligning Your Brand?

You have insurance for the hard assets, but what about your soft assets? Your employees, your loyal client base, your culture, your family, and most…

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superman 404 error trust me help is on the way

Common Website Mistakes That Tell Prospects You Don't Care

A lot of companies in the B2B construction industry put their website on the back burner for more urgent demands. Before they know it, it’s…

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branding issues have you blending in invisible

Are Branding Issues Causing Your Company to Be Invisible?

You know your company does amazing work. So why aren’t you dominating your market with amazing sales figures? You have great referrals and repeat customers but…

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avoid brand decay and becoming an accidental commodity

Has Your Company Become an Accidental Commodity?

Brand decay, accidental commodity… what the hell are we even talking about?! Well, this week I wanted to chat about something that happens way too…

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branding truths

7 Branding Truths to Save Your Business

Figuring out your brand can be daunting. It can be scary to look at your business – and I mean REALLY look at it. If…

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