Going Beyond the Surface of Your Brand

Strategy, insights, random thoughts about building out your brand.

Reinvigorate your brand

3 Tips To Reinvigorate Your Brand Now

Ok, so the world still feels slightly crazy, despite 2020 being a distant memory. You might not have control over the market right now, but you do have control over how…

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B2B does not mean borning to boring

B2B Does Not Mean Boring to Boring

B2B does not mean boring to boring or building to building. Technically it is business to business, but those businesses are still made of people. And people like dealing with…

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Outgrown your brand? Have a brand wedgie?

Do You Have a Brand Wedgie?

I would like to thank the wonderful Karen Adamsbaum, CIC for having me on her podcast Risk Intelligence. What’s riskier than ignoring your website for years and walking around with…

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How to Create a Brand Management Strategy for 2021 4

How to Create a Brand Management Strategy for 2021

Your brand’s success relies heavily on whether you have a successful (and proactive!) brand management strategy in place.  When I say brand strategy I mean, the rules and guidelines on…

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align your brand

What Is Brand Alignment & Do I Need an Aligned Brand?

If we looked at the messages on your website and compared that to your ad campaigns, brochures, social posts – and what your sales team is saying in the field…

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brand mindset growth mindset

What’s a Brand Mindset & Do You Need One?

Having a brand mindset is a key business strategy available to everyone regardless of business size. Branding isn’t about having a pretty website and a fancy business card. And it…

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what is rebranding

What Is a Rebrand?

The terms brand, branding, and rebranding are thrown around a lot these days and the concepts can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. If you are feeling this, you’re not…

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customer price fixation

How to Stop Customers From Fixating on Price

‘Can you do it cheaper?’ ‘The guy down the road is selling the same thing for $15 less…’ Sound familiar? Frustrating as hell, right?  You do kick-ass work. You shouldn’t…

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Remodeling Your Brand for a Big Anniversary 5

Remodeling Your Brand for a Big Anniversary

Let’s be blunt. Your firm needs a makeover before the big anniversary year that’s coming up. Your company does great work, but the last time you had a brand refresh,…

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can a rebrand save my business

Can Rebranding Save a Business?

Rebranding done for the wrong reason can be an expensive nightmare, a cosmetic exercise that’s equivalent to putting a Band-Aid on your knee when you have a broken leg. Rebranding…

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