Going Beyond the Surface of Your Brand

Strategy, insights, random thoughts about building out your brand.

Remodeling Your Brand for a Big Anniversary 1

Remodeling Your Brand for a Big Anniversary

Let’s be blunt. Your firm needs a makeover before the big anniversary year that’s coming up. Your company does great work, but the last time you had a brand refresh,…

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can a rebrand save my business

Can Rebranding Save A Business?

Rebranding done for the wrong reason can be an expensive nightmare, a cosmetic exercise that’s equivalent to putting a Band-Aid on your knee when you have a broken leg. Rebranding…

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align your brand

What is brand alignment, and how do you get it?

If we looked at the messages on your website and compared that to your ad campaigns, brochures, social posts – and what your sales team is saying in the field…

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upgrade your brand assets - blog image

Is it time to level up your business?

 Let’s be honest, pandemics suck. So many jobs lost and businesses devastated as the ramifications of closing our country cascades through every industry. Hopefully, your business has not been…

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The power of personal branding 5

The power of personal branding

I’ve been helping frustrated firms in the construction industry look and sound as credible online as they are offline since the ’90s, and it’s safe to say our industry’s seen…

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Which is more important, marketing or branding? 6

Which is more important, marketing or branding?

We’ve already covered the difference between marketing and branding before, but a little refresher won’t do any harm: What is marketing? Marketing is the overall strategy and act of promoting…

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Does your company stand out on the shelf?

When you’re looking at your own brand, it can help to take a step back and look at it from another angle. When I run my brand workshops, I always…

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What is a communication strategy and do I need one?

Do you feel like your customers just don’t get you? You’re not alone. It comes down to that old cliché of miscommunication (duh, right?). Ok that might sound obvious, but hang in there & we’ll show you how to connect with your audience.

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need-a-new-website-bab (blog header)

My sources are telling me I need a new website

Why a pretty new website won’t solve your problems Your competitors are doing really well right now. They’re beating you in sales, they have more customers, and, oh yeah, their…

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Stop throwing good money away on random acts of marketing 7

Stop throwing good money away on random acts of marketing

Are you pumping your hard-earned cash into digital marketing but not seeing your bottom line increase? Advertising online is a great way of gaining exposure for your company quickly –…

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